Deo Vindice is about one man’s obsession to right the wrongs of a horrible racial injustice by empowering its victims to take matters into their own hands.  

The book opens in an alternate universe in Alabama in 1964.  


The former states of the Confederacy have long been controlled politically and economically by the region’s powerful black majority.  Alabama even has a black governor.

How did such a thing come to pass?


Staying on the same alternate timeline the reader is taken back to America in 1868, where the story unfolds and the question is answered. In 1868 Benjamin “Bluff” Wade is President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate. After the impeachment and subsequent conviction of President Andrew Johnson, Wade assumes the presidency due to a never before used constitutional quirk. 

The new president quickly assembles the most dedicated souls to the freedmen cause, including the foremost black leader of the day – Frederick Douglass. 

Wade is determined to implement his newly drafted Fifth Reconstruction Act.  This Act authorizes widespread reform in the social, political and economic life of citizens in the former Confederacy. This sweeping Act also approves the militarization of blacks living in those states.

The book follows the career of a former child prodigy – Lisa Stewart, who has grown up to become an exceptionally brilliant and strikingly beautiful change agent. She is charged with transforming the tax, banking and communication systems throughout the former Confederacy. 

Stewart’s efforts are supported by Aurelius Foginet, an unassuming military and political genius. With Stewart at his side, the powerful and determined black duo, along with a very capable, black political organizer, Randall McArthur and the elite troops of the feared Southern Guard, attempt to establish a safe haven for blacks in the former Confederacy. 

However, the group’s efforts are challenged by the Redeemers – a group of ex-Confederates hell bent on reclaiming their Southern homeland.  The group is comprised of influential politicians, maniacal racial terrorists, and former slave owners. A showdown between both sides is imminent.

When the Redeemers make one last desperate attempt to reclaim their sacred homeland, Foginet unleashes Operation Deo Vindice and the country is soon brought to the brink of a second civil war.